How to measure your child

To ensure a perfect fit, the measurements of each garment are shown in its description.  We recommend that you select the size that is 1 to 1.5" larger than the body measurement for a comfortable fit.
Important note!

Communionwear is usually generously sized and it is not unusual to need a smaller size than the child's age - this is perfectly normal and not a cause for concern.  We strongly recommend you order according to the size chart and not the child's age.  However, please be cautious if considering ordering more than one size down or up from the child's age as this may affect where the waistband, armholes and neckline fall.


With the child's arms down, slip the tape under arms, across chest and shoulder blades holding the tape firm and level.  This is the most important measurement as the dress may be uncomfortable if it is too tight.

Measure around the natural waistline which is usually in line with the belly button.  Most dresses have a tie sash which can be adjusted to make the waist smaller.

Hem Length.
To see where the hem will fall on your child, measure from the top centre of the shoulder down the body.

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